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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Funny answer on Muslim Veil / Hijab

Ok, it's probably a little annoying to have another vid on my blog, since i know lots of my reader are staying inside Uni*en and the connection was ridiculously slow, but I really want you to read this!

Why Muslim women wear veils?

Even Muslims don't really know how to convincingly explain this, and non-Muslim usually very sceptical about veils. Just hear this out, and you know why veils are needed.

That was the most relevant answer I had ever heard, by Sheikh Ahmad Dedaat.

Thanks to blogger of Akal vs Hati for introducing the vid in your blog.

5 bebelan orang:

mein melon said...

fuiyo.. siap msuk psal advertisement lgi..

YobSumO said...

good answers. talk mcm ni pn byk kat Malaysia kn.

afifahramli said...

xde chatbox ke?

luqman said...

Thankx for da credit~ :D

Mael said...

mein: tau x pe!

yob: mmg ada banyak, tapi ada ke orang attend? haha... m'bazir jugak kalo yg dtg cuma yg pakai tudung besar2

afifah: x de la. nanti bengang lak kalo xde org isi chatbox. haha...

luqman: welcome!~

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