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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Famous Abang Matt ^^

Korang kena tengok video ni! Mesti!

Well, I know a lot of you probably have watched this vid months ago, but I'm pretty sure there are lots more who haven't (I just discovered this vid myself, too). Just look how many people surrounded him! It inspires me, and I know it will give the same effect to you too.

Malaysia's not included in this vid, but you can see it in: "Where the Hell are Matt's Outtakes" taken place in Sarawak.

This vid was done by Mathew "Matt" Harding. At first he did the vid for fun, to be watched by friends and family. But somehow his vid was passed around through emails and eventually became viral, with his server getting 20,000 or more hits a day after it was discovered!

He used to be a game designer, but he resigned so he could do what he's doing. Just so you know, this vid you're watching has been viewed 23,386,506 times in Youtube! Giler ah!

For more info, please google it yourself. Macam tak reti pulak.

p/s: I wish I could do something like that. Then it will become viral, and I could be a Youtube star, and I can get a lot of sponsors and stuff, and I'll become famous and rich! Yay!~~~~ But somehow the mirror in my room doesn't approve. Ceh! Apa bleh buat? Tengok la bila aku cun/seksi nanti! Huahahahahaha

2 bebelan orang:

afiq ohh afiq said...

brader matt sunnguh cool

Mael said...

kan? kan? nanti aku pon nak wat cam die gak la

tp aku x de duit. leh kasi sponsor kat aku x? hahaha

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