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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pretty Girls = Drama Queen

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CikMelati don't know what's there to worry about Industrial Training. I mean, come on, easy measy!

And what confusing me more is what my girl friends worry about:

"What should I wear?"

"Should I wear heels?"

"Do I need to put on makeups?"

"Do I look like a schoolgirl if I don't lilit-lilit tudung?"

Laugh My Armpit Off

It's hard to be a girl. The super self-conscious attitude is in our DNA, so we can't help it!

And for men, you don't have the right to call us silly and ridiculous, coz the judging-the-opposite-sex-by-appearance attitude is in your DNA. So we're even.


Lovin' Orange Lollipop

* * * * *

Anyway, a friend said something that makes me want to laugh, coz she meant to praise me but my rotten brain translate it as "somehow offensive":

She said: "I envy how your makeups look natural on you"

My rotten brain translated: "You wear a lot of makeups but to no effect."


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