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Friday, November 26, 2010

How to Study Effectively

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A friend of mine taught me some tricks on how to learn effectively. The trick has something to do with tuning your brain waves into a relaxing state. And she told me, it really works!

Yea, nice cartoon.
Now, you see, you need A BRAIN to use this method.

What am I saying?

Well, the trick has something to do with entering THE ALPHA STATE before opening up your books to study.

Now, you might want to Google up: "What is Alpha State"

One of the many techniques to enter the Alpha State is to imagine certain numbers while eyes closed and mind not think of anything else (picture them very clearly, not just blurry image in your head), and chant some words of persuading ourselves into relaxation.

So I head off:




Back to 9....... Wait, which 9 should I imagine? 9 the upside-down of 6, or the 9 that I usually write? Ahaaa, interesting fact: 9 in German is "neun" and the way to say it is "noyn". And in French it is called "neuf" as in "nerf", man, French is hard....... WAIT! FOCUS!!!!!

Ok, back to 9.............. "I'm relaxing..."

8.............. "I'm controlling my breathe..."

7........ Aww, why do I picture my own writing on 7? Now it looks like a sword. Wait, no it looks like 1. No, wait, wait.... FOCUS!!!!

7.............."Err, what should I say?"


Maybe my brain looks like Homey's:

No way. Just kidding.

Back to the topic. Now, let's see if you can get it right. The method I'm trying to use is actually from this link below:

The chanting could be anything, up to you. The trick is not to stress yourself up, which I fail with flying colours.

And after some Googles, I found that Alpha State can also be induced using audio. You need to purchase the audios though, search it online. But here's a link of a free online mp3:

But the voice of the man freaks me out, sounds like a rapist trying to hypnotize the victim. Well, maybe I should find a woman's voice instead, later.

And here's some links on meditation, in case you're interested (it is harder, I tell you)



Lastly, just to clear things up, my brain doesn't look like Homey's. According to the mighty internet, it should look like this:

Not like Homey's, it's big!
Why am I so serious?

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